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Green Tara Thangka


Beautiful traditional hand stiched Tibetan silk applique thangka of Green Tara by Urgyen Sonam.

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Green Tara Thangka For Sale!

100% Pure silk and hand stitched
Stretched on a wooden frame
Measures 64x64cm

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Silk applique thangka is a highly renowned form of Tibetan Buddhist art.
Monasteries, practitioners and individuals buy this style of thangka for the beauty, quality and deep meaning of the art form.

Traditionally silk thangkas are held in high esteem due to the time consuming nature of hand stitching and embroidery, they are versatile and not subject to deterioration such as occurs such as with a green tara thangka painting.

This green tara thankgka travels well and look stunning in any setting.
This is the result of my skill, patience, concentration and dedication and is an exquisite hand stitched work of sacred art.

About Green Tara:

Green Tara is said to embody the fulfilment of all beings’ desires, both worldly and spiritual. As one who grants beings’ wishes, she personifies good fortune, although unlike the worldly wealth-bestowing deities, the wishes she fulfils include liberation from ignorance.
She was once a princess named Jnana Chandra in a human realm. In her youth, she took a vow to achieve complete enlightenment in a female form and entered into deep concentration, focusing her mind on the dependent nature of reality and the task of benefiting other beings. She then made an oath to dedicate her entire future existence to the welfare of all beings.


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