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Guru Rinpoche Thangka (Padmasambhava) – Red


Beautiful traditional hand stiched Tibetan silk applique thangka of Guru Rinpoche (Padmasambhava) by Urgyen Sonam.

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100% Pure silk and hand stitched
Stretched on a wooden frame
Measures 54x54cm

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Silk applique thangka is a highly renowned form of Tibetan Buddhist art.
Monasteries, practitioners and individuals buy this style of thangka for the beauty, quality and deep meaning of the art form.

Traditionally silk thangkas are held in high esteem due to the time consuming nature of hand stitching and embroidery, they are versatile and not subject to deterioration such as occurs with the painting thangkas.

This Guru Padmasambhava Thangka travels well and look stunning in any setting.
This is the result of my skill, patience, concentration and dedication and is an exquisite hand stitched work of sacred art.

About Guru Rinpoche:

Padmasambava (Guru Rimpoche in Tibetan) was a renown and highly learned tantric saint of Northern India who brought Buddhism to Tibet. He was invited by the Tibetan King Trisong Detsen to bring his knowledge to Tibet and he stayed 50 years founding monasteries and teaching tantric doctrine. He has many forms including an important set of eight that are depicted in Tantric art. He is seated on a lotus with a red cap, the legs crossed, the right hand holding a dorje (vajra) and the left resting in his lap.


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